Option Auto 217

Chambley (this is the place),  historic gathering for edition  number 217 in December / January.

The editorial staff has been given the new prototype of Merzig  for its first official test and we have no fear of going on the track with it …

I am the Benjamin, the youngest in the team to arrive, I do not know anything about Carlsson so I’m told the story about them.

Since its creation by Hartge brothers in 1989, the brand has passed through several hands, particularly during a first acquisition in 2007, followed some years later a second time by a rich Chinese dealer group. In a difficult economic context, the two rescuers took different curves, which did not allow the company to weather the global economic crisis.

Instead of continuing into the direction initiated by the founders, the new owners thought only of easy and immediate profit.

The (initial) idea then (from the original owners): to make customized programs dedicated to exotic markets like Asia or Far East.

A car of this time, as was shown in Option No 174, was an SL, a Mercedes convertible with scissor doors and a mat black paint …something like you’d never seen before.
This strategy had  allowed to quadruple sales volumes in the old times, but the effect was soon out of breath and the company found head under water.

Then, the Chinese withdraw and a German guy tried to reorganize the company. Since a few months now Carlsson is trying to find back its colors and comes, step by step, back to its roots.  That is now presented with the CC63 S AMG Rivage – symbol for the rebirth.

If you followed the automobile news in the world, you cannot have missed it. I didn’t either, the car arrived on a trailer without any protective cover, proud and visible for everybody. We were informed that the prototype could not be driven due to specific temporary exhaust fasteners. So we could have only a view on the sorcerer, but not find out about the potential of the beast yet ….
Luckily, many of the changes carried out on the car could be visualized. To start with the outside, there is a full carbon aero kit and the beautiful curves fit the German sedan perfectly. 

(more about the beautiful outside but then mentioning the blue, eye-catching foil  -   L ….)

Reason for the blue color was very simple, to catch attention at this year’s IAA Frankfurt.  If you have a better idea to draw attention to a crowd in one of the largest global automobile gatherings, let me know and I will send them (Carlsson) an email.

More info on the interior, which goes with the blue outside, mentioning the Scottish interior à la Mercedes Gullwing or Uhlenhaut Coupé, well done and very much to make certain to catch  a lot of customers, especially when realizing how well the quality and handmade work has been done. The seats with leather and Alcantara, incl. the interior parts ..

In Merzig, they also teach how to unlock the secrets of the new V8 made in Affalterbach. Thanks to an engine kit, performance can be increased from 510 to  605 PS …

It is often said that first meetings are not so promising, and I do hope that this is true, because my meeting with Carlsson 2.0 version has been very promising – has the phoenix risen from its ashes ?    It is necessary now that the team keeps up its head and comes back to the surface again…

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